Dedicated Low Carb Channel for NJroute22? {VLOG}

Dedicated Low Carb Channel for NJroute22? {VLOG}

In today’s vlog – we ask our small set of subscribers for some advice.

In reality – we have just about 100 subscribers. We’re not “pro” YouTubers. We’re more just ordinary bloggers that have branched out into video content creation over the past couple of years.

We went into this a bit “blind” as they say.

Our brilliant idea was to create a “Zine” type product. With many different areas of interest. We try to relate to Central New Jersey on our blog as much as we can, but our video channel seems a bit more diverse.

We do a few regular “playlists,” such as our Sunday Low Carb Carnivore series. As well as alcohol reviews. Supermarket and local food shopping tips have a decent bit of content, along with “retail news.”

Then a lot of miscellaneous content ranging from “how-to,” to landscaping, pets, and a few other things.

This, we’re learning is not helpful for our cause, sad to say.

Why does YouTube need to be only NICHE oriented?

Some folks say that once you get popular enough (ie.., people like YOU, your personality, as well as your content) you can diversify your channel. But apparently not until then?

So we have no idea what content our subscribers saw in order to “smash that button.”

I’m guessing a lot came from the low-carb/carnivore. But have no way to tell.

So it’s looking obvious we probably should create separate channels for each “type,” or “niche” of the content we create.

That causes its own set of problems, as you’re supposed to be like a TV show – where the content is published at certain days, times, and intervals.

And other issues include any pay-for utilities you might use to help you manage your content – the cost goes way up if you want to use those tools across multiple channels.

We can probably do it – but it takes some planning, and maybe some headaches. Not sure yet.

We like having a dedicated channel that’s entirely related to our website – but it’s definitely going to have to change sooner rather than later.

Does anyone have any advice? What else can bloggers and vloggers like us (who have tons of interests and opinions) do?

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NJroute22 (site admin) is an avid traveler along NJ Route 22 (and almost all of central New Jersey!) Family man, pet lover, and property owner who has a natural curiosity for everything around.