County Road 523 – CR523 (Video)

On – we have our site organized in various ways. By category (or topic) as well as by “zones” (East, Central, West).

We also have about nine specific roads you can drill down to as well.

County Road 523 wasn’t included as a specific category, because it’s not major enough. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t reference it. It’s still a fairly important road for the Route 22 area.

More specifically – it’s one of three direct routes to Flemington, NJ off Route 22.

The other two big ones are Route 202 to the east, and Route 31 to the west. County Road 523 (also referred to as CR523) is smack dab in the middle – and is still a very widely used road.

The video above depicts a typical journey from Route 22 in Whitehouse (Raritan Borough) to Flemington (Raritan Township technically). We shot it on a Yi 4K Action Camera.

We chose to film during “School Bus Time,” so you can see the various hiccups those buses cause during the week. Summer cannot come soon enough!


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