Kalo Hemp Infused Seltzer UPDATE

Kalo Hemp Infused Seltzer UPDATE VLOG

In today’s NJroute22.com VLOG we have an update regarding the Kalo Hemp Infused Seltzer – and maybe a bit more about CBD products in general.

We received some comments on YouTube regarding how serious this Kalo product was. The main sticking point that it was “water infused” and not gross like oil and water.

And some even told us that you’re not supposed to “Feel good” or happy because of CBD.

Well – here’s what we think we NOW know about CBD products.

  • They claim to help with anxiety. As well as “panic attacks.”
  • They claim to help with PAIN.

We don’t have pain, nor get anxiety or panic attacks. We did try for two other (maybe) similar situations.

  • “Stress” (say the kids are being out of control)
  • “Hangover” (feeling like crap – borderline “panicky”)

Both times – the Kalo CBD drink did minimal at best – psychosomatic at worst. Perhaps the angst involved in stress is not equivalent to anxiety.

And since we have no serious pain at all (including no headaches, etc.) we couldn’t gauge the efficacy of the CBD drink.

SIDENOTE: We also tried some “pre-rolls” of hemp cigarettes from a company called Appalachian Standard. These little blunts certainly smelled like weed – and maybe changed our feeling a bit more – since they have more THC than the drinks (from what we understand at least).

The Kalo website has slogans like “Stress Less – Feel good,” and “Drink what makes you happy.” (Did you NOTICE THE images we had rotating in our video? Just “HAPPY PEOPLE” they use as marketing.)

We really wonder how much is psychosomatic.

Or perhaps we are just fortunate NOT to be really anxious, depressed, or in pain.

Hey – we’re not knocking it – IF IT REALLY HELPS PEOPLE – by all means! Heck – we’ve supported them with $200 worth of purchases! We didn’t even get a free t-shirt!
Yes – I know tons of people swear by it – and maybe one day we’ll be anxious enough to really put it to the test.


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