Cheap Wine Reviews Ep. 13 – Saddlebred Cellars 2015 Pinot Noir

Welcome to the Cheap Wine Reviews Episode 13, where we talk about the Saddlebred Cellars 2015 Pinot Noir (12% percent alcohol.)

We were recommended this wine at ShopRite Wines & Spirits in Clinton, NJ because another customer loved it so much they bought like 10 cases.

However, we normally do not drink such low alcohol content wine. But we were pleasantly surprised by the taste (and will likely drink this “straight” with a nice meal some day in the future.)

As usual, we performed our trademark “two bottle test” to see how we feel the next day. Even with the 12% we still felt the effects – and had a moderate hangover the next day. But not enough to disqualify it against future purchases.

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