Cheap Wine Review Episode 1: Xplorador Cabernet

Today is our first crack at Cheap Wine Reviews VLOG.

We rehash some general wine viewpoints and talk about the Xplorador Cabernet out of Chile.

Our objective here with the Cheap Wine Reviews – is not to follow the same beaten path of what most of us think we “know” about wine, but to take a more practical approach. (See our Cheap Wine Reviews Introduction Video Here.)

We’re going to remove the bogus wine “verbiage” and other terminology most of you have been conditioned to use. Instead, we’ll strip those away, and get back to the honest basics: COST, BUZZ, and AFTERMATH.

Cheap Wine Review: Xplorador Cabernet (Episode 1)

In the video above – we talk about a lot more than just this one brand and vintage of Cheap Wine.

We share our ideologies on how much you should drink – and at what point it doesn’t matter how “good” something is, that too much will always make you regret it.

In this particular instance (Xplorador), we’re fairly happy with the “hangover” effect. A decent tasting wine that provides a good buzz, with little to no regrettable hangover the next day.

I have to say it tastes “okay” the way we drink it. We don’t get hung up over the minuscule details of each and every flavor. Who has time to micromanage like that? We suck it down a straw, it tastes acceptable, and we enjoy the physical effects. Hardly ANYONE today talks about wine and alcohol in the most fundamental ways.

Really. Do you want to get hung up over some (maybe) taste you had? Is that your real objective when drinking wine? Would you feel the same way about grape juice? How come there aren’t grape juice “aficionados?”

In the end – we feel the layers of complexity that have been shrouded over the wine industry to be essentially a giant scam to increase profits and revenue.

Listen – if you’re “all in” on the sophistry of the wine market – and you like hob-knobbing with your peers about which wine is better – then have at it. We take a more pragmatic stance – and try not to get wrapped up with unnecessary complication. Flavor and taste is a fleeting sensation. How many of you – when hungover at work the next day – are reveling in the fact that you remember how good it tasted? NONE.

We used to believe we cared about the “taste.” But the more we realized that we RARELY remembered anything other than when we were actually drinking – we realized that it wasn’t worth the hype.

Which is why we’ve turned this framework of wine snobbery into something much more useful.

Cost. Buzz. Effects.

Have a good day, and stay tuned to our next sensible Cheap Wine Review!

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