Today’s VLOG is about an upcoming event a bit far away from the coverage area. However, we’re including it because the postcards promoting this event were indeed discovered in our travels. It’s regarding an event called the Inclusion Festival – over in Jermyn, PA.

It takes place on July 28th and July 29th of this year (2018).

It’s no further than a two-hour drive no matter where you live along the Route 22 corridor. The faster you can get to Route 80 seems to be the sweet spot. So true central Jersey is the fast zone. Even if you live 45 minutes to the west, it’ll still be a haul, due to the slower roads you’ll need to use. Kind of a conundrum.

Watch the video above to learn more.

What is the Inclusion Festival?

In a nutshell, it’s an event catered towards “all ages and abilities.” As far as we recall, events used to be about what happens there – not about the attendees. But who are we to judge?

A lot of focus on Autistic children, but other sensitive people as well (such as claustrophobic, and other human conditions). For instance, the music will not be too loud, and they have “quiet zones” to re-establish comfort.

Additionally, festival promoters say that they designed the layout to never be constricting or confined.

Lots of family-friendly activities that engage participants are planned.

Camping is also an option for those who traveled great distances and want to turn it into a two-day event.

Regardless, it’s an interesting event – because of our societal circumstances. It’s too bad that festivals have to be created for such conditions, but at the same time – it’s sweet that people are going out of their way to create something nice for those who are more challenged than most others. Even if it is for some kind of profiteering. We often wonder how much scrutiny is put into such events. I mean the worst thing to do is to prey on disabilities and rake in gargantuan profits. We thought the price was relatively steep, but it’s possible the bands playing demand huge payouts. If that’s the case – I’d consider scaling that back next year to make this event more affordable for everyone… But that’s just us.

We may attend, or not. We’ll figure it out in the upcoming weeks.

Proactive response to potential haters: Other than a humorously nonchalant reference to “including” folks who are “financially deprived,” we have not said anything “negative” about this festival. We merely discussed what this event is about, and who it is targeted towards. If you feel that we did something wrong – please feel free to email us privately at We’ll gladly open up a discussion with anyone. However, if it is your preference to just come on the site and bash us anonymously – we won’t allow such nonsense. Civil discourse is our preferred method. Thanks in advance!
Here’s where the Inclusion Festival is located:

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