Carnivore almost happens automatically {VLOG}

Carnivore almost happens automatically {VLOG}

In today’s VLOG – we talk about what happens when you do low carb with the will to succeed.

We feel that if you address your desire to at least find out what low-carb living is like – that you’ll eventually become carnivore or carnivore light.

Why is that?

Well – for one, those who do low-carb in a half-assed manner – probably have a long way to go.

It’s not easy to kick the carbs to the curb. Sugar and carbohydrates are some of the hardest addictive substances to quit.

So many individuals trying low-carb are often looking for a quick fix. Like those absurd “30-day” transformations that are all mostly lies.

They also probably can’t get past the “adjustment period” that happens when people go low carb. The most common occurrence is light-headedness and fatigue. This is because your body is in the process of changing fuel sources.

Many will quickly resort back to the old ways.

Where there is a will, there is a carnivore way

Those that remain committed to low-carb over a long term period – despite the ups and downs, will begin an interesting process.

That is by trial and error.

They’ll start discovering – on their own, and not via reading books or watching videos – that some kinds of foods just don’t work.

Whether it’s weight problems or just plain “bad feelings” they might get after consumption.

Then, slowly over time – the bad foods start getting “cut from the team.”

One day they’ll realize that the foods that STAY on the team are very few. And meat is one of them.

That is exactly what happened to us over the past decade. Naturally. That is why we’re now primarily carnivore.

But you have to have the will – and must remain committed to the objective in order for this to work.

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