Bud Light Seltzer Review {VLOG}

Bud Light Seltzer Review VLOG

In today’s NJroute22.com VLOG – we talk about the relatively new to the spiked seltzer scene Bug Light Seltzer.

We were initially okay with it. Basically low sugar and carbs – plus 5% alcohol.

Could it replace our gold standard – the Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzers?

The first 12-pack – we felt Bud Light had a chance. Flavor-wise, a hair better overall than Smirnoff.

However, after the second 12-pack – we noticed a bit of an issue. We felt as if we were compelled to drink more than our usual amounts. Like something “addictive” in them.

Sure it’s only 1g of carbs more per can – but they do list ACTUAL sugar as an added ingredient. Could even the slightest amount of added refined sugar be enough to cause even mild addictiveness?

We’re also wondering – as Budweiser is a massive corporation with virtually unlimited money. They most certainly have the scientific resources to manufacture something that benefits them financially. Sure, it’s a big conspiracy-theory sounding – but those things happen today.

We’ll maybe try one more time to see. But we will stick with our longtime favorite Smirnoff until something profoundly better comes along.

Or we quit drinking altogether.

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