Bright Lights, Lost Cause!

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Bright Lights Etiquette GONE

Another example of how humanity is spiraling the drain, one narcissistic implosion after another. Do any of you remember “bright lights” etiquette? When I first began driving, we always had the utmost consideration for other drivers on the roads when it came to “putting on your high beams.”

Well, we’ve traveled considerably this summer, passing through many states, suburban and rural areas. And after a whole season of trying to pinpoint the problem – I’ve concluded it’s universal.

People are idiots when it comes to high beam headlights when driving

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This is most likely an example of someone completely BLINDING you!

Like I hinted above, I’ve always been cognizant of my surroundings when driving with “brights” (high beam headlights) on. Because they are BRIGHT as hell and are literally BLINDING to directly oncoming traffic.

Of course, this means OBSERVING the conditions ahead, and if you see what are obviously lights from an oncoming car reflect off (trees, power lines, reflectors, etc.) you automatically know that it’s time to switch off the high beams. It’s called consideration – as well as traffic safety.

But what I’ve noticed (in several states over the past four months) is that that “courtesy” is now gone. People fail to shut off their bright lights before they blind you so often that I’m wondering what the cause is.

  • Are people just so dumbed down that they cannot even conceptualize what this is? Like putting “2+2” together? Is common sense gone for good?
  • Perhaps they’re too busy talking on the phone or constantly checking their useless social network? I’m guessing it has to be part of the equation because you cannot be blinded when looking down!
  • Lack of education? I was taught this by my driving instructor, in a very clear and memorable way. Maybe this very important respect has fallen off the radar? Everything today is “bare minimum.”
  • I’d also suspect the overall sense of “entitlement” as well. “I have every right to see what’s ahead of me in full 10,000 lumen capacity! How dare anyone expect me to think of others? Hmmph!”

Regardless of what the actual reasons are – they are indeed REAL. I’ve never noticed how bad it has become until recently. I’ve had to nearly come to a complete halt dozens of times because I plainly could not see the road. How safe, sensible or thoughtful is that?

How do we go about educating the driving population as to the importance of this crucial vehicular courtesy? I doubt a few head-on collisions would get the word out – because the people that would be the ones making the case, would likely be dead.

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2 years ago

Not sure I know what the answer is, but I agree, the bright lights inconsideration happens every night for me. I can’t wait until summer so I can get my errands done before headlights are even necessary. I thought I was the only one that was bothered by this.