Bourbon Street Wine & Spirits of Califon NJ

Bourbon Street Wine & Spirits on County Road 513 in Califon NJ is one of eight locations in central and west New Jersey. And the furthest from NJ Route 22.

The interesting dynamic in this neighborhood is, there was a liquor store up there before (Califon Wine & Spirits). I’m amazed Bourbon Street didn’t knock that other guy out of business already. I guess people are too lazy to drive the extra 300 feet down the road? Or perhaps it’s the fact that other place sells lottery tickets that keep them afloat.

Anyway, like most of their other locations, this is open seven days a week until 10 pm.

They’re located at 425 County Rd 513, Califon, NJ 07830 and you can call them at 908-832-6117 for more information.


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