The future of Malls in New Jersey and America {VLOG}

The future of Malls in New Jersey and America {VLOG}

In today’s VLOG – we talk about “THE MALL.” More specifically:

  • With the crisis now making online shopping even more attractive – will malls really survive?
  • One of the good things about stores – was the ability to browse IN-PERSON. Touch, feel, and try on. Listen, experiment, test. You could even do a side-by-side comparison.
  • That used to be the benefit – now most major retailers have generous return policies. Things just take a few days – rather than on the spot.
  • WHATEVER – that is the deal with “CAPITALISM” in theory. The “market” decided what succeeded and what failed.
  • HOWEVER – it makes you wonder. Because the markup at massive malls (to cover their tremendous overhead) – really what is (WAS) the profit margin on those things? It had to be outrageous to cover their expenses. People became “CONDITIONED” to expect those prices. It was “normal” to them.
  • And you would think by buying online only – the prices would come down AT LEAST 75%. But they do not.
  • About the only things we have seen recently – are some of the Amazon Labels. We picked up some polo shirts for 10 bucks or under. The quality was surprising (although not so good anymore after washing). BUT WE THINK THERE IS STILL PLENTY OF MARGINS LEFT (especially foreign-made).

The mall-rat days are over anyway – thanks to technology. People (kids) do not even socialize in person anymore.

Because they do not even know how!

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