AT&T TV – why does anyone want it?

We gave up TV over a decade ago. But it is still being peddling like crack-cocaine in the inner city. Now AT&T offers some kind of TV. Why?

We’ll list a few reasons why this is happening:

  • It’s highly addictive – like the crack we mentioned above.
  • Highly profitable for ALL companies involved. Costs them little, but they rack in billions.
  • They are also on their last legs – thanks to online video.

TV packages are always deceptive

We should point out that any kind of monthly TV package is horribly deceptive when it comes to pricing. They say “$49.99 per month” but that is not telling the whole story. And it’s only the low-end package – and only for the first year!

For one – you have to pay an $8.50 fee for sports. And they don’t include other taxes and fees either (probably at least $20.) So you’re paying a minimum of close to $80 a month for this garbage – just on year one. It goes up to $130 per month for the basic package for year two! Plus all sorts of early termination fees, and so on.

The end is near for subscription TV

We recently signed up for a FLEX box from Comcast. Free with our internet plan. No monthly charges. But we’re probably never going to use it. Thanks to that invasive “voice remote” that probably listens at all times.

We suspect that within the next 10 years, “cable TV” as you know it – will be gone. Finished.

They’re just looking to extract the last few dollars that are left.

Bookmark this post and let’s talk about it again in 2030, okay?

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