Avoiding politics

avoiding politics is your best option
Written by NJroute22

Avoiding politics – sometimes the best thing to do

Political discussion seems to be at the forefront of what many people talk about each day. But avoiding politics (at least online here on NJroute22.com) is our goal.

There never seems to be any net positive result for chiming in about your political viewpoints. Maybe in an echo-chamber, or among friends who think the same way. But gone are the days of debating ideas with those who hold opposing viewpoints. From a truly productive standpoint, that is for sure.

Politics divides more than it joins

politics dividesLook at what has happened in just the past few years.

Political concepts have become hardened. Less open to debate.

The tribe mentality of whatever political belief people seem to have forced camps to fortify (or double-down) on whatever they claim they stand for. This forces the divide between us as people to grow wider.

Maybe this is all by design. To get us to fight among ourselves for things we have little influence on. To keep us all distracted – and not trying to better ourselves, our families, and our communities.

Sure – observing those who you disagree with is hard today. Much of the time because you might feel they’ve been misled. Perhaps we’ve all been misled?

Common Sense and Common Law

Our general mantra here at NJroute22.com is “common sense and common law.”

Common sense is hard to argue with. Or at least it used to be.

With the bevy of new laws and regulations coming from both sides of the aisle across all political spectrums (from your township or board of education all the way up to Capitol Hill), we should all take a few steps back and ask what is going on? Stop with the burdensome rules and control mechanisms!

After looking back over the decades and seeing what has piled up to our detriment and their benefit – that doesn’t sound like common sense to me. Does it sound like common sense to you?

Common Law used to be the rule of the land that almost everyone abided by:

  1. Do as you’ve agreed to do. Either verbally, via handshake, or by contract. Be a man of your word and fulfill the obligations you’ve voluntarily entered into.
  2. Do not infringe on another person’s being or property. Self-explanatory.

If everyone followed common law, with a helping of common sense as well as respect – we’d be a much better country than we are at the moment. And you don’t need politics or a political organism for that, do you?

That is how we roll here. At least that is what you’ll see from us. We don’t take sides left or right – but illogical and unnecessary things do indeed bother us. And it doesn’t matter who implemented them. What is wrong is wrong regardless of who gets “credit.”

What are your thoughts? Do you see where society is going with the over-reaching arm of those that supposedly control things around these parts?

Do you understand the concept of maybe sometimes less is more?

And finally – now that we know what’s going on, what happened? And how can this predicament be fixed before it is too late?

However – Sometimes news is news

This website – from time to time – may publish updates that we feel are pertinent to the overall community.

It won’t be easy to decide what is fluff – and what is truly worthwhile, but that will not stop us from trying.

We’ll try our best to avoid the common thuggery or miscreant stories that pepper the news rags on a daily basis. That amounts to trashy street gossip, and may be relevant to only a few (and the equivalent of highway rubber-necking busy-bodies.)

You can find the news section in the menu above, under “Extras.” If necessary – we will also include a small section on the homepage, if necessary.

It’s certainly not our objective to publish news snippets. But there comes a moment from time to time that it’s prudent to share. We’ll see what happens with that.

Wish us luck!

politics in NJ is too much

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