I still cannot believe this “As Seen on TV” schtick still has any staying power. I guess because we simply kicked that nonsensical brainwashing medium to the curb a LONG time ago. But it is painfully obvious this marketing mind-meld is going strong.

As seen on TV (as seen at ShopRite)

One of the area supermarkets (ShopRite of Clinton, NJ) has a section in the back corner of the store that features “As Seen on TV” stuff. It’s a small, unobtrusive section. However, the very noticeable sign makes you think otherwise.

Trinkety junk mostly. We fiddle through the stuff from time to time – out of curiosity (to see what they’re peddling to the late-night TV masses of the world).

As seen on TV shoprite

Our theory about As Seen on TV

TV used to be a milestone for people. “I was on TV!!!!” Was many people’s 15 seconds of fame. Today? Not so much. That’s being replaced by YouTube and Social Media conditioning. Same psychology, different medium.

Half-hour infomercials are psychological programming events (i.e., brainwashing). Anyone who takes the bait and watches those things has a good chance of getting caught up. Those programs are psychological field manuals on how to emotionally affect people. Heck, back when we were still “wet behind the ears,” we were even victimized as well (mostly fitness stuff). No more.

Just study up on Edward Bernays to understand the root of this phenomenon.

It’d be nice to see this smudge on human history go away in our lifetime. We definitely see more people “waking up” to the shallow world we live in. But still nowhere near as many needed to cause a significant paradigm shift. It’s a human being thing, and may very well always be.

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