Stop comparing yourself to others {VLOG}

Stop comparing yourself to others {VLOG}

In today’s VLOG – we talk about the prolific increase in how people today compare themselves to others. Specifically due to social media.

Anyone who remembers life 30-40 years ago – it was not so widespread. Sure, you’d “compare notes” with acquaintances, but rarely across the board.

“Celebrities,” and other top-earners always had more. Because they got lucky or had the right connections. Everyone else, not so much.

But today, everyone is “touting” the great things they have (even good bodies, or whatever). Most people forget that to gain anything takes effort. And usually a great amount of time, patience, and perseverance.

This makes everyone “want” to be like those successful people with minimal to zero effort. Like winning a lottery.

Will never happen.

The best thing is to find CONTENTMENT. In what you have – regardless of how little you think it is.

To be GRATEFUL for whatever positives you have going for you. There are always many others with MUCH LESS than you have.

And most importantly – if you want “more,” to WORK HARD at getting it. That takes dedication and focus. Just wanting something does not typically make it come to fruition.

Don’t forget that there are rewards for the hard work you do on a daily basis. And one of the most crucial ones is self-satisfaction – with or without “prizes.”

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