A couple times a year – we spot a giant black bear wandering mere feet from where we are! Once or twice they got our garbage (with cubs in tow! Never mess with a bear and their offspring!)

However, IIRC, the number of “fatalities” in America regarding black bears has been profoundly low. If I can find the statistics – I’ll add to the story somewhere.

From what I understand, most of the time, the bear(s) have no interest in you. Just don’t have anything yummy nearby (which is also why it is suggested not to have ANY BIRD FEEDERS on properties that are known to have bears – except hummingbird feeders).

NJ Black Bears - what do you do about them? Scared?

Can’t be forgotten – but BEAR MACE is a must!

But once you see a massive black bear like the one pictured here (taken yesterday), it’s next to impossible to “unsee” it. And it makes you wonder if this bear knows something about that Hurricane Florence that is lurking in the Atlantic Ocean?

You’ll be looking behind your back for months, if not years after seeing one so close.

“Dangerous” or not – it’s not a pleasant feeling.

Which is why BEAR MACE is a must-have for rural NJ residents.

Be safe!

NJ Black Bears - what do you do about them? Scared?

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