Top 5 NJ Keto, Low-Carb, and Carnivore Deals – February 24, 2019

Top 5 NJ Keto, Low-Carb, and Carnivore Deals – February 24, 2019

Today marks a transition. We’re explaining why we can no longer do supermarket roundups – or even Top 5 Deals anymore.


Because 95% of what most supermarkets sell are genuinely bad for everyone.

We couldn’t continue trying to accommodate the general public. Each week we read the “flyers” it kept getting harder to be straightforward. Because as the weeks passed by – they were sounding the same. We found good meat, bacon, eggs, or dairy when we could – but it was very difficult.

Difficult because the major food distributors depend on people eating utter junk. That is how they keep the revolving doors at the supermarkets well-lubed.

So starting next week – our “food vlog” will consist entirely of low-carb, zero carb, and ketogenic based topics. We’ll throw in some occasional “deals” as warranted.

But the topic had to come eventually. In order for our country as a whole to get back on track – so do the people that populate it.

It’s people like us versus the mainstream thought process and media blitz. Those that profit from your (long-term) demise do not want you to be educated.

We do.

So stay tuned – as we have 52 solid weeks of material already planned. Our new “Zero Carb” (or something similar) channel will launch next week. Today’s episode represents the end of our “Top 5.”

Thanks for staying with us.

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