The green tradition – St. Patrick’s Day

Throughout the years – we here at have both been “participants” of various holidays (such as St. Patrick’s Day – which is today), as well as “opt-outers.”

There is certainly nothing wrong with “opting-in” to such events (which, by the way, seem to be happening more than ever!) because each individual should be able to utilize their own free will to decide what to do – and what not to do, right?

But as anyone becomes both wiser and older, you begin to see how much of it makes little sense.

How these widely-followed holidays, events, or extravaganzas (such as Cinco de Mayo or the Super Bowl) seem to literally BANK on the fact that most people blindly follow “just because.”

“Just because it’s there and many other people are doing it.”

That, to us, became bothersome years ago.

Hardly anyone can offer an explanation as to WHY they participate. Oftentimes becoming dumbfounded if you challenge them enough. As if people, creatures of habit, become flustered if you even attempt to ruffle up the “status quo.”

St. Patrick's Day - who needs an excuse?

Social creatures love social things

Of course, it is hard to deny the fact that “we” as people are social creatures.

Large-scale events are highly participated in because of that fact. A sense of “belonging,” regardless of what it really means. Traditions of the past have been co-opted and re-arranged.

And in modern times, much of it doesn’t really mean much at all anymore. Just an over-commercialized “thing” that is most often related to the re-distribution of money.

St. Patrick's Day - who needs an excuse?

Not participating doesn’t make one a cynic or Luddite

Many folks (like us) who don’t wholeheartedly jump head-first into whatever whimsical thing that crosses our path(s) are often considered cynics, party-poopers, and even Luddites (especially with whatever new trend comes about.)

But those labels are tossed about to prevent discussion – or to obfuscate what is really going on.

That many people are led along almost like robots or lemmings. Most ordinary people know this (albeit subconsciously), and they don’t feel comfortable facing those truths. They’d rather you “talk to the hand!”

While what we are saying here constitutes some kind of justification for not participating – it’s more the incredible power of saying “I don’t want to.”

We don’t need an excuse for not doing it.

Nor do we need an excuse to enjoy alcoholic festivities without the label of a holiday that has nothing to do with us or our background!

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