The Christmas Holiday Shopping season has changed dramatically over the years. And one can also say that it changes regardless of when you were born – but that it takes new shapes as you get older, have a family, and so on. From childhood to adulthood – Christmas might even go from joyous to tedious as well!

But what are some good and bad things about THIS holiday shopping season in 2018?

Top 5 Good (and bad) things about Christmas Holiday Shopping Season

The Good

  1. Thanks to technology (i.e., online shopping), retail shopping centers are nowhere near as crowded as they used to be – even just 20 years ago. Regardless of the economy!
  2. Nostalgia. Even if you’re close to being worn out, there are times when you might just get lost for a minute, and experience that warm, fuzzy feeling that the holidays once provided.
  3. Technology (part II) – even if you hate “retail” shopping, the one positive about our e-commerce options is that you can get anything you want to be delivered to your front door.
  4. Reunions. The holidays still can bring people together. Not just Christmas per se, but other widely-celebrated ones as well (Thanksgiving in particular).
  5. Festivity. Something to be said about the annual tradition of decorating, music, and more. It’s still nice to see people go “all out” with their displays. Even the basic lights can bring a smile to your face.

The Bad (or not so good)

  1. Consumerism. It’s all about what amounts to superficial stuff. Thankfully some folks can still see beyond that.
  2. Debt. It’s too bad that some folks voluntarily put themselves in debt to “give” during the Christmas season. Why do they feel the pressure to do that?
  3. Marketing overload. With Christmas now starting in September at places like Walmart – it dilutes that once special time of year.
  4. The mobs. Luckily, most parts of the nation don’t see the stampedes that do take place in certain areas of the country. But the fact they still exist is sad and pathetic!
  5. Political Correctness. The fact they’ve deliberated changed “Merry Christmas” to “Happy Holidays” (and even “Easter Egg Hunt” to “Egg Scramble”) just sucks. Why? Whom are they appeasing?

Make your own holidays!

In the end – you almost cannot (not) participate in the holidays. At the very least – it’s next to impossible to avoid altogether unless you live in the wilderness by yourself.

But we’ve always been keen to the idea of making your own holiday. Or alternatively – choosing to travel or take vacations during off-peak times. Why everyone decides to do things simultaneously is a bit over the top for us.

Yes, we’re a tribal species, and it comes with the territory, but we’re also an evolving species as well. Which is why our particular mindset has evolved beyond the lemming-like mentality. Having some elbow-room and peace and quiet just seems more natural than total mob-scenes. But there are always people that feel at home in frenetic environs. To each their own, I suppose. We do have a theory that it’s not natural to love “big cities” forever. I don’t think it’s in our DNA.

Have a Merry Christmas Holiday Shopping Season one way or another!

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