You ever run into issues in the showers at your home? Do they ever get clogged with hair and other junk? Nothing worse than shelling out $150 for 10 minutes of work from a plumber.

They have these products called Shower Shrooms that are supposed to easily rectify this type of problem.

Named “shrooms” because they resemble mushrooms.

But they simply hang onto the drain pipe in whatever sink or shower you want to use them on.

Shower Shroom to keep hair under control?

Shower Shroom to keep hair under control?

Shower Shroom to keep hair under control?

Do the Shower Shrooms and Tub Shrooms work?

We wanted to check to see if these things work – or live up to their hype.

The photo below shows what it caught after a few weeks.

Shower Shroom to keep hair under control?

Clean as a whistle.

We doubt we did anything wrong, as there is essentially only one way to install it, with no other adjustments that can be made. Maybe the folks in our home have super healthy hair that doesn’t fall out. Or maybe we have an odd drain pipe. Who knows.

Shower Shrooms might need some modification

Some reviews indicate that the shroom was made of soft rubber-like plastic, and may pose a threat to fall down the drain after becoming warm from the hot showers.

That is why many people gave this item a 1-star review. Others have had that problem as well – but liked the product so much that they modified the contraption to be able to either prevent it from falling – or the ability to tether it via a string or wire.

Apparently, the manufacturer has upgraded the shroom to be more rigid. The product you get may vary depending on where you buy it from.

We’ll keep using it until further notice. So far there are no issues – so no harm in keeping it in.

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