Just a quick heads up for those who like to score very affordable “deals” out there. This happens to be regarding the ALDI Finds. And especially when they’re on clearance.

ALDI Finds on Clearance

ALDI Finds are limited-time deals

As you might suspect, we’re big fans of the ALDI stores. They’re a no-frills supermarket with pretty much “just the basics.” However, they also have some totally random stuff!

The “ALDI Finds” are limited time products that are usually gone when they sell out. They’re comprised of a few major categories.

  • Seasonal items
  • Tools & Housewares
  • Cooking utensils & small appliances
  • (and a few others like items for children)

As with most ALDI products – the prices are usually around the lowest you can get for those types of merchandise.

However, they have a strict shelf-space policy, and if items are still there after a certain amount of time – they quickly go on clearance. Sometimes as much as 75% off their already rock-bottom prices.

The longer you wait – the lower the price goes. Note that other people also are aware of this – and as the price drops, so does your likelihood of scoring one. So act accordingly.

In the image above, we picked up a few pairs of “Daddy and me” socks… normally cheap at $2 a set, but 25% off on clearance.

And in the image below – we found a very useful “taller” step stool for just over $4 (about 30% savings). There have been many good deals!

ALDI Finds on Clearance

Pays to walk the whole store at ALDI

While almost all good deals can be seen in their weekly flyers, it still pays to walk around the store to find clearance deals as we mentioned above.

Especially with things that may be useful around the house. But the clearance items can feature many items. Baby food. Appliances. Seasonal items. Snacks (tempting). It’s fun to check it out each time we visit.

Getting a good deal is a small personal victory (endorphine hit perhaps?) But it’s our practice to ask ourselves if we really need the things. Just because it’s a great deal – doesn’t mean it’s money well spent. Or if it’s good for your health!

So carefully think about whether that applies to you.

Enjoy the last week of 2018!

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