A quick PSA regarding (non-alcoholic) seltzers.

We’ve done a recent vlog about cheap seltzers and fancy seltzers, but this is just a fair warning.

We saw some seltzers at Walmart, and they were pretty cheap – 57 cents per liter. Figured we’d try them to add to our mix of affordable products.

ASPARTAME in Walmart Seltzer? No thanks!

Before I broke the seal – I checked the ingredients.

Aspartame was listed.

Total Deal-Breaker.

Aspartame is one of the worst artificial sweeteners on earth. They make you hungry and fat. And God know’s what else!

Avoid Walmart Seltzers at all costs.

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2 years ago

Totally agreed. The bad artificial sweetener phenomenon many decades ago with the diet sodas and other fake sugars was a curse on us all. Like a lab experiment.

This stuff they put into zero calorie beverages is toxic. It may not have the same effects as sugar, but in many cases are worse.

We kicked it to the curb back in the 90’s after realizing how much they controlled us. Once, we bought a truck-load of drinks because they were cheap. It dawned on us that we were overwhelmingly addicted to do such a ridiculous stunt.