Recent Closings – 10.18.2018

Written by NJroute22

Just wanted to point out a few of the recent closings along Route 22.

Nothing ground-breaking, but important to note just for the record.

GNC closes in Whitehouse, NJ

The GNC vitamin/supplement shop over at the Whitehouse Mall in Readington, NJ (i.e., Whitehouse) completely abandoned shop in the past month or so.

Oddly enough – their sign said they were moving.

We think that was a marketing ploy to not show signs of economic weakness. They said they were “moving” to two already existing stores.

How is that moving exactly?

Tirpok Cleaners shuts down in Lebanon, NJ

Tirpok Cleaners is one of the only “chain” dry cleaners in New Jersey that we know of. All over the place.

However, their location at Lebanon Plaza further to the west on Route 22 also closed down.

They’re directing customers to use one of their “main” stores over in Clinton, NJ on Route 173 (also called the “Old Route 22”).

Makes you wonder why these places are shutting down. We thought the economy was doing better? Or was it just the case of rising rents making keeping these outer locations just not worth it anymore?

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