Rearview cameras on your car

Rearview cameras on your car
Written by NJroute22

While you still have the choice – choose NOT to include a rearview camera on your car.

And it’s for exactly one reason: reliance on technology over your own senses and physical abilities.

Rearview Cameras may become standard equipment

I believe there’s legislation out there that will make it a Federal requirement to have rearview cameras in cars as standard equipment.

For sure – in the next 10 years, all new cars will have a rearview backup camera (and probably more – like hidden interior cameras as well! To see if you’re “up to no good” while driving. Wouldn’t be surprised…)

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Keep your senses strong – do it the old way!

The reason for this PSA is personal. We have a couple of cars. One that is almost 15 years old, and a relatively newer one with a rearview camera.

I can say from firsthand experience – that it does not take long for you to “lose” your old-school skill of being aware of your surroundings. Using your three mirrors, and PHYSICALLY moving your body and neck and so on to see around your car.

You become complacent – barely moving to navigate. It becomes easy to get used to. Sure – perhaps having the rearview camera can help in some instances – but we feel that it should never, ever replace having fine-tuned awareness of your car.

That includes a physical walk-around each and every time you use it. Know if there are kids or animals in the vicinity – and just focus on navigating safely.

You can draw many other parallels to how technology is making people weaker as well as losing most of their interpersonal skills.

So hold on to your God-given skills as long as possible – and even more so, strengthen them as well!

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