Over-hyped rain {just used to be thunderstorms!}

Have you noticed how weather forecasts have changed over the past few decades?

A lot of this is thanks to the internet and social media, but what just used to be “thunderstorms” has now turned into non-stop warnings and other nonsense.

We now get watches and warnings every single week. Over-hyped rain.

“Gusty wind”

And almost all of the time – the warnings never pan out into reality.

And even if some wind and ice pellets DO happen, did you know that they’re VERY short lived? Only in rare circumstances does something drastic and damaging happen.

Back in the day – it was just an ordinary thunderstorm that people didn’t get worked up over.

Today – everyone is literally scared about some normal precipitation. Thanks to the over-hyped rain and fear mongering.

This clip is from Lowe’s in Flemington.

Just regular rain. With a dozen scary warnings!

We were NOT pummeled with cataclysmic weather. No. Just 3 minutes of heavy rain. Instead, we got a dozen “warnings” about something inconsequential.

Don’t you think this ought to stop?

About the same chance as Noah coming down to part the seas. Not gonna happen.

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