OreIda Just Crack an Egg Omelet Cups {good or bad – or both?}

We spotted something interesting the other day at an area ShopRite.

OreIda “Just Crack an Egg” Cups.

Sort of like the Dunkin’ Donuts omelet cups (that we tried for low carb review – but quickly shunned due to the “artificial” nature of the whole thing).

The Ore Ida Just Crack an Egg cups expect you to microwave (don’t)

Seems like the purpose of these egg cups is for lazy un-motivated people who cannot cook. Also for a quick meal.

All understandable.

But we’d never nuke an egg. The only thing you can and should EVER microwave is WATER.

Water is the only object in a microwave that will not get damaged or altered because of the radiation.

But we digress.

We made our OreIda egg cups the traditional way.

On a pan. With butter.

Not with one egg. But three eggs.

How did it come out?

Well – for one – we think the exterior packaging was compelling.

Once we opened them, we felt like we encountered war rations or something similar.

Three little packets of “portions.”

So bizarre and mechanical feeling. I can only imagine the robotic process that made these. You feel a bit dirty just opening them.

But we digress again.

These serve a purpose. Quick omelets with zero effort.

They taste better cooking them like the kitchen was originally designed for. The stove, a little bit of preparation.

Our recommendation? Avoid these unless you’re in a pinch. Better off eating eggs UNADULTERATED. But that takes time and patience to understand better.

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