Alcohol effects on low carb keto carnivore lifestyle {VLOG}

Alcohol effects on low carb keto carnivore lifestyle {VLOG}

Today’s VLOG is a discussion about the correlation between alcohol and weight gain (or loss). So far, we have determined that abstention hasn’t hurt or helped. Below is some stream of thought.


When we were “SAD” (Standard American Diet) we were HIGH CARB. slowly gaining weight. They say “beer belly.”
Alcohol only amplified this with late-night pizza binges after excessive alcohol (mostly beer) drinking. Hit “land-monster” status close to 300lbs.

Low-carb change 10 years ago

Lost about 75lb.
Switched alcohol to red-wine exclusively.
Even did a cheap wine vlog here.
Down to 225lbs (goal 180)

Then Super-low-carb

Now almost exclusively carnivore or carnivore-light.
After 25lb more weight loss, remained consistent (very gradual losing trend)
Alcohol consumption was frequent (almost every day)
Was relatively happy – except..

Internal pain & discomfort

Alcohol was obviously having a different effect – on either liver, pancreas, gall-bladder or combination of all. Pain in side, etc.
We also noticed a slight gain in body weight (10lbs – did not come off)

Time to monitor and reduce alcohol

– Mainly to “heal” our body, rid ourselves of the discomfort, save our lives
– but also to see the correlation between alcohol and weight

Phase one – days off

– the first phase was to consciously take at least *some* time off from drinking. Instead of 100% of the time, we took some days off. In the first 4 months we took 15% of the time off. Doesn’t sound like a lot – be we thought to give the system at least a little rest would help. This happened before/while we “gained” that 10lbs.
We noted in a previous video that was trying to ascertain the cause between alcohol, low-carb ice cream, or just less activity since summer landscaping ended halfway into this phase.
During this phase is when we gained the 10lbs.

Phase two – more days off.

We went from taking only 15% of the time off from drinking to taking 30% of the time off from drinking (more consecutive days “rest.”)
That didn’t work either! Still the same.

Phase three – lots of time off.

We once again doubled our abstinence to 60% of the time off from drinking. Lots of consecutive days off – including two straight weeks before creating this video and post!
Two months later:

Very odd correlations if any!

– So based on our own personal observations
1. Diet remained mostly the same (consistent at least)
2. Frequent alcohol – was when we were able to lose weight consistently
3. Reduced alcohol – no significant weight loss after a minor weight gain
4. Could it be simply less activity during the winter? The winter padding?

Next phases:

Starting for at least the next month – we’re going to try a different method of alcohol consumption.

1 day on – at least 2 days off. Never drink consecutive days. Always take at least two days off between drinking. Over the course of a month or two – this will be even better than our “phase three” above. We’re a bit worried about our liver and pancreas here – but we’re going to try it. If we feel any concern – we will revise our abstinence accordingly. We are wondering if drinking on consecutive days is part of the problem.

We’ll see how that goes – and then switch to an even more strict plan of “2 days per week.” Which is even less alcohol than the 1/2 plan above.

Then – maybe migrate over to the simple “1 day a week” method.

And perhaps – take the ultimate leap of “no alcohol at all?”

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