One simple tip for buying supermarket eggs in NJ {VLOG}

One simple tip for buying supermarket eggs in NJ {VLOG}

In today’s VLOG – we’ll offer a simple tip when buying eggs at your local supermarket.

And to cut to the chase – that is to just buy the least expensive eggs.

Why? Because it really doesn’t make that much of a difference to us.

Primarily because most, if not all the eggs at a supermarket are nowhere near as fresh as compared to buying local or from an egg farmer directly.

Even the fancy and expensive “organic” eggs.

You can tell the freshness of an egg by the COLOR of the yolk. The darker they are – the fresher.

Once they become pale yellow – they are many weeks away from being laid. (That’s what she said).

We’ve found that even the $8 super organic, pasture-raised rip-offs of eggs are often stale as can be. That’s because they do not move off the shelves nearly as fast as cheaper eggs. (Note that you might get “lucky” from time to time and find super-fresh organic eggs – but there is no way to know when the eggs were laid… which sucks.)

So don’t waste your money on over-priced eggs if the supermarket is the only place you get them. Unless, of course, that “uppity” feeling you get from buying products with psychological keywords on them.

We visit various local egg-stands – and get the freshest eggs ever. Super dark yolks. Best taste too. And between $2 and $4 a dozen, depending on the size. And while they’re not “officially” organic (because it costs an arm and a leg to get that certification), they essentially are as pure and natural as you can get.

There you go! Enjoy your eggs!

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