At what point do NJ “Governor” Murphy’s decrees and words about the “crisis” sound exactly like Chicken Little? They use such epic world-ending terminology – that can’t even be publicly criticized without starting a fight. Meanwhile – we see the same world – except with most people wearing masks – sometimes. The inconsistencies and hypocrisies are mind-blowing. This has got to give soon. Hopefully, the November election will put a screeching halt to the complete and utter nonsense.

Murphy extends his own emergency powers for a 6th time

via SaveJersey

NJ Governor Phil Murphy extended his own emergency powers for a sixth time on Thursday.

“In New Jersey, we have made significant progress in the fight against COVID-19, but this fight is still not over,” said Governor Murphy in a statement. “Extending the public health emergency will provide us access to all available resources to continue saving lives and mitigating the spread of this virus.”

Executive Order No. 180 (click here) represents the sixth time the Governor has extended his own powers under the obscure Emergency Health Powers Act. The most recent order gives him another 30 days to operate with little accountability to the other branches of state government.

The original goal stated was “14 days to stop the spread” followed by “flatten the curve.” Critics point to mounting evidence that the pandemic has not only turned the corner but also that the ongoing draconian shutdown measures aren’t working.

Murphy previously extended his powers on April 7th, May 6th, June 4th, July 2nd, and August 1st.

A Republican legislator’s attempt to change the law and force the governor to seek legislative approval for extensions within 14 days of issuing an emergency order was tabled by the Democrat majority.

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