If you’ve been to almost any retail outlet recently – you can see that the “holidays” are here in full force.

The photos in this post are from TJ Maxx over in Clinton, NJ.

Too much – too soon?

We mentioned back this SUMMER, that Walmart had already started the Christmas merchandise. Ridiculous, right?

The fact that every store starts earlier and earlier each year – and completely inundates customers takes its toll (on us at least).

Holiday Shopping in Full Force

Look at all these trickets! Mostly made in China by someone you’ll never know.

99% waste of money

As we get older – we realize how superficial the holidays are. It was never really a secret – but you see it more clearly as you get older. The (holidays) are barely even significant anymore – unless you’re a consumerism type person. Which almost everyone is, unfortunately.

The trinkets and junk we saw that they were peddling, was all stuff that almost everyone could certainly live without. Low quality future garage sale items made in China. No heirloom pieces to be found anywhere.

If we do ever give gifts, we strive to give practical gifts that have a USE in someone’s life. Like a tool or other beneficial item. Cooking gifts are usually well received. Who doesn’t want a quality Chef’s Knife?

The past few years, we’ve declared Christmas to be “for the kids only,” and adults are just left out. Other than a “token” gift under $10 just to go through the motions. To “play along” as to not be viewed as some kind of “Grinch.”

Another thing that still astounds us, is that many people STILL worry heavily about getting the “right” gifts for everyone else. As if they’re being judged. Makes me dizzy thinking about it. They don’t shop from their hearts. They shop from a narcissistic mindset solely buying things for their OWN reputation. How shallow and lame is that?

Holiday Shopping in Full Force

Well, really – they’re for humans who own pets. Most pets cannot even open the packaging or be able to read what is in the box.

Don’t play the game!

Not many people I know or even read about “take a step back” from this human ritual that has been going on for centuries. It’s like the hive mind. You have to go along with what everyone else is doing. Most often people don’t challenge it whatsoever – because they’re clueless. But even if they do – they comply probably because of the fear of being labeled an outcast. Easier to give-in than resist. That is understandable, we know, pick your battles.

Why consumerism ramps up every year with the three-month feeding frenzy of marketing, superficial desires, and other hollow activities is fascinating. And we’re optimistic that maybe, despite the appearance that it’s still going full-speed, that perhaps it’s losing some steam.

When you get closer to the end of any big human cycle – those who used to be “in charge” are also the ones with the most to lose. This is why all the components that support this mass market global shopping mall have pulled out all the stops. I get the feeling that they know the curtains are coming soon. With many younger folks now also appreciating the smaller, more meaningful things (like DYI, recycled, repurposed, or “homemade”), the river is running dry.

We’d be shocked if more than $100 was spent this Christmas season (*note that alcohol is exempt from this calculation.)

While we do try to find “diamonds in the rough” as we act like good sports and go along with the trips to the mall (and to also act as a family guardian – which is my duty), we almost always come home empty-handed. Knowing that everything always goes on sales – sometimes for a quarter of what it was previously selling for – makes it nearly impossible to ever pay full price for anything whatsoever.

Just some food for thought to mull over as you get pummeled from all angles this Christmas Holiday Season. Ho Ho Ho!

Holiday Shopping in Full Force

$10 and under to say you bought someone a gift is about the MAXX we’ll spend.

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