Low Carb – Then and Now – Long Term {VLOG}

Low Carb – Then and Now – Long Term {VLOG}

We’ve mentioned this before but the difference between our mindset when we started the low-carb journey 10 years ago – and NOW – is entirely different.

And much better.

In the beginning – we stressed out too much. Worrying about what we could and couldn’t eat.

Tried replacing awful things like bread and pizza with “low carb equivalents.”

I sometimes like saying “I wish I knew then what I know now.” But always realize that EXPERIENCE is the only way to make the plan stick.

Our system today is simple – don’t raise our blood sugar whatsoever.

And that mindset naturally (AND OVER TIME) leads you to the carnivore life.

Meat – especially RED MEAT – is without a doubt the most satiating and simple way to feel great, be healthy, and not spend too much time obsessed with food.

Your life now has tons of extra time for more things!

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