Low Carb / Carnivore – What else is there to know? {VLOG}

Low Carb / Carnivore - What else is there to know?  {VLOG}
Written by NJroute22

Low Carb / Carnivore – What else is there to know? {VLOG}

Today – we scratch our heads when it comes to the basic information out there regarding low carb living.

It literally is so freaking simple – there isn’t much more to it other than “don’t raise your blood sugar levels.”

However, most of the “diet” resources out there make it a lot more complicated than it needs to be. Thus, it confuses most people – and as a result, they cannot “crack the code” in order to attain success.

This affects us as well – because we have a low-carb playlist on our YouTube account.

How long can we keep content coming when it is ridiculously straightforward? I guess we’ll add some recipes and cooking tips down the line – but in the end – we do enjoy reminding people. Especially “newbies” who are coming from an awfully addictive Standard American Diet. So constant reminders can’t hurt!

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