We all know that “degenerates” can live anywhere in the world. Just look at the richest county in the U.S. – outside the Capital!

Perhaps that is why many homes and businesses have surveillance cameras. Heck, your local governments all have street-level cameras monitoring as well. You practically cannot travel anywhere without permanently being recorded by someone.

Why the need for LOT COP Surveillance cameras?

However, this “Lot Cop” portable surveillance camera over in Hackettstown, NJ (technically Mansfield Township) is something new. Located on the northern side of the Walmart parking lot, closer to Kohls. Looks like it has maybe up to half a dozen various cameras on it. Why? Are the cameras they have already on the buildings not enough?

Perhaps there were car burglaries? Shoplifters on foot? Physical assaults? Why would you imagine they’d need such a sophisticated setup? Maybe more of a deterrent?

Regardless – this is one of both good and bad things about technology. Sure, they now have “eyes in the sky,” but isn’t that a bit invasive? Why do we need armed enforcers everywhere? Didn’t most people at one point have the ability to fend for themselves?

The police state is a bit unnerving. Where does it end? Who draws the line?

Anyway – have fun the next time you buy cheaply made in China stuff at Walmart!

PS – read more about how over 100 Walmarts are using this LOT COP contraption now!

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