Living a simpler life is natural {VLOG}

In today’s VLOG – we chat about how we feel that it is natural for many people to start distancing themselves from the complications – and begin living a simpler life.

Our whole world seems to be based on competition, status, and superficial wealth.

All while the fundamental things like respect, honor, contentment, contemplation and even rest (mental and physical) go by the wayside.

What zone are you in?

There are “natural” phases towards a simpler life

We really believe that “experience” always trumps book knowledge.

It’s a fascinating aspect of humanity – for things to “sink in,” they often require time, experience, and REAL life encounters.

Just like how your parents told you as kids what is wrong and right – you really didn’t learn until you actually went through it. Experience.

Feeling something is a whole lot more impactful than reading or being told, right?

We suppose the same is true for figuring out what the world is in general.

Like everyone else – we also “got caught up with” the bullshit that is the world. Products. Popular things, brands, teams, “STUFF.”

After going through all that – and in retrospect – it was really a hollow, wasteful experience.

Then as you wipe the cobwebs off yourself – you “re-awaken” for lack of a better phrase. You realize that all that “STUFF” wasn’t worth it. They shouldn’t define YOU.

You find harmony and peace by having less. Wanting less. And, quite frankly, caring less about everything. Except for what is fundamentally important. Yourself, your family, your well-being.

The “things” just don’t have the same impact.

That is – if you don’t allow them to.

City Living has a normal expiration date

We strongly believe that most people – after living in the hectic city scenes (mainly big ones like NYC, etc.) for a set amount of time – should become “sick of it.”

Perhaps more so back in the day before technology and so on. But whoever still possesses sanity, should probably wake up at some point and realize that they’ve seen enough and want to get back in touch with themselves. That requires relocation and scaling back.

However, as time evolves – I think this natural progression is getting stunted somehow. Fame, fortune, and the endless pursuit of this impossible to achieve utopia will keep more and more people in these progressive Petrie dishes until they die. Politicians love that too. Cities are easier to control en masse.

Sidenote: Does it depend on where you grew up?

We have to take notice of a slightly different phenomenon.

Folks that grew up in quiet places, or “in the sticks” for lack of better words. It appears that a good portion of them also get fed up with the “boring” lives they’ve lived – and seek out the hustle and bustle of city living.

That is understandable and probably worth pursuing. It may be part of human nature to get it out of our system. Sometimes that happens later in life if it has been held back.

But we still think that most sane humans probably have a limit of that frenetic life as well, and will long for the simpler life once again.

In the end – don’t be a product

Most companies consider consumers with capital to spend as means to an end. They give you the impression that they care (thanks, psychology!), but you’re really only a dollar sign.

Sure, we need “necessities” from time to time – but beyond that – there is no real need to get involved with the mayhem that is consumerism.

When you quietly sit down and have the courage to honestly ask yourself what the differences between “wanting” and “needing” are – you’d be surprised.

It’s a tough task in the beginning because you jump through your own personal mental hoops to “justify” the things you want. The ego is a powerful thing. It’s hard NOT to want the latest fun-filled gadget, or fancy garment, or anything else that might get you recognized by others.

As you might see as you travel down the road of introspection, each new “thing” or complicated facet of life you ADD, it starts compounding. Sort of like a virus. It can be unstoppable at times. This is why you see kids racking up bills into the THOUSANDS for playing games that need “upgrades” and other “in-app purchases.” Slippery slope.

Same can be said for any hobby or pastime. You can almost never have it all covered. There is always more. The proverbial carrot and the stick.

All that can be solved by cutting most of it out. Being alone with your thoughts and content with life can have a more positive experience. You become in tune with YOU.

Life ain’t so bad with all those things. In fact, it’s quite awesome.

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