Kefir Cheese is the bomb! (Arz Labne or Labneh Cheese)

Today – we want to share our newest VLOG channel: Kitchen Zone! Since we’ve “given up” the Cheap Wine Reviews – we’ve expanded our video offerings. This channel talks specifically about things related to the kitchen (or eating, and health, and so on!)

The unique product we’re featuring today (not sponsored in any way) is the Arz Labne Kefir Cheese.

We’d love to link to them – but their website is down!

To cut to the chase – this is basically low-carb, high-fat “cheese.”

Our opinion is more like “salty and sour,” with an “identity of sour cream, cream cheese, and yogurt.”

It’s essentially yogurt minus the liquid – with added salt.

Why we love Kefir Cheese (Arz Labne – Labneh)

We think this is a killer low carb product. Mainly because it is fully satiating! A few spoonfuls and you’re happy.

The taste is something one might have to become accustomed to. It didn’t score a “home run” with us initially (besides the all-star nutrition facts).

This is something that needs time for most people. The way they prepare this in most Mediterranean restaurants is with olive oil and spices. Which is fine – that seems to be the “go to” method. But there are other ways (we think).

We’ve tried this with fruits – your mileage may vary based on the disparity between tastes. Apparently, the best way to “spike” Lebne cheese (Kefir Cheese) is via “spicy” methods. That may be true – and we may stick to that. But we’ll keep experimenting.

In our travels – it appears that some folks LOVE spreading this on their egg sandwiches. We don’t do bread – but you might want to consider it!

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