“Information” can actually be harmful for you {VLOG}

“Information” can actually be harmful for you {VLOG}

In today’s general interest NJroute22.com VLOG – we opine about how “information,” can be very damaging to your life to some extent.

Especially for those prone to paranoid thoughts and feelings. As well as other self-absorbed folks.

Our example today is “fears.” Specifically things that are “bad for you.”

Back in the day – most people just lived their lives by experience. You’d learn personally about what was good, and what should be avoided.

Or maybe via word of mouth from other experienced people.

Today – all you need to do to scare millions of people – is publish a “study” of some kind.

“This is toxic.”

“This fabric is bad for the skin.”

Or “Oh my God, flurries outside! We cannot drive!”

I could list 1,000 more.

But my point is that everything is over-glorified these days – and with all this information and non-stop streams of doom and gloom – it’s negatively affecting too many people.

All these people – with all that “knowledge” are now literally worse off than ever before. Some even start going mad or insane because of the onslaught of FEAR PORN.

What seemed like a great idea in the beginning (internet, etc.) is turning out to be a disaster. Because stupidity and mad marketing now also can spread wide and far at the speed of light.

Too bad they didn’t figure out a way to enable the ability to critically think also propagate as well.

See you next time!

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