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Bang for your buck: 12 supplies you can get from a discount store

By Mary Miller

Prepping doesn’t come cheap, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find worthwhile survival equipment at your local discount store. You’d be surprised by the selection of useful items you can find at some stores. Cut down on your prepping costs by stocking up on these 12 affordable survival items.

Disposable gloves

Disposable nitrile gloves can keep your hands clean and protect them from harmful substances. They also offer more protection than latex gloves and are unlikely to trigger an allergic reaction. But if you’re not allergic to latex, you can opt for disposable latex or nylon gloves, which are more affordable. You can get them for pennies a pair at your local dollar store.

Liquid hand cleaners

Working on mechanical devices and DIY projects can get your hands dirty. Liquid hand cleaners can easily remove filth and grease from your hands. With more penetrating power than your regular bar of soap, these heavy-duty cleaners are meant for industrial use.


WD-40 is a multipurpose lubricant that reduces friction and protects metal from rust and corrosion. You can use this item to eliminate moisture on electrical equipment, keep your car running smoothly, and loosen stuck or rusted parts and machinery.

Duct tape

While WD-40 loosens things that are stuck, duct tape holds things in place when they become too loose. Cheap and versatile, duct tape is useful for all sorts of improvised repairs and attachments. It can also be used for creating makeshift cordage, sticky notes, and bandage strips.

Multipurpose scissors

A decent pair of multipurpose scissors can cut through almost anything, including tough roots, stems, wires, and cables. Stock up on several cheap pairs in case you get loaded with cutting jobs that can damage the scissors.

Safety goggles

It is recommended to always use safety goggles when working with fumes, chemicals, or other hazardous materials. While higher-end models exist, the standard safety goggles you can find at most discount stores can provide adequate protection for your eyes.

Knee pads

Hard cap knee pads can protect your knees from injury, especially if you spend a lot of time kneeling on hard, rough, or rocky surfaces.

Button cell batteries

Alkaline 1.5-volt button cell batteries are often available in various sizes and in convenient multi-packs. In a pinch, you can use them to power a variety of devices, such as radios and flashlights.

LED motion sensor lights

These lights will automatically turn on as soon as they detect any sudden movements, so it’s a good idea to place them outdoors if you want to startle any unwanted intruders. You can also keep a few indoors to light up your room when you have your hands full and can’t reach for the light switch.

Window and door alarms

While they won’t beat a comprehensive home security system, window and door alarms are the next best thing when it comes to deterring potential intruders. You can even use your button cell batteries to power the alarms.

Plastic tarps

Tarps are reusable, portable, and easy to store. They can be used for building temporary shelters, collecting rainwater, and covering broken windows. You can also use plastic tarps to create a makeshift rain poncho.

Zip ties

Also known as cable ties, zip ties are useful for making quick repairs. You can wrap them around objects to hold them in place, create handles, or attach gear to your bug-out bag.

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