Pros and Cons of Winter in New Jersey {VLOG}

Pros and Cons of Winter in New Jersey {VLOG}

In today’s VLOG – we continue our four-part series on the “seasons,” and what the pros and cons of Winter are in New Jersey. Our inaugural video was about the Autumnal season.

The cons of Winter in the Garden State

Naturally – it makes sense to start off with the “bad,” as you’re always left with a better taste in your mouth ending on a positive note. That said – what sucks about Winter in NJ?

  • COLD! I’m not sure anyone “loves” the cold. Unless you like freezing (or snowboarding with stylish $1000 winter protection on).
  • Weather headaches. Rain in the summer is no big deal unless it’s stormy with related damage. Doesn’t happen often, and rarely “widespread.” In NJ, when it snows 1″, all hell breaks loose, and the “idiot gene” seems to go into full effect.
  • Frozen things. Nothing sucks more than icy roads (see above). But other things freeze too. Such as your hose lines and even interior pipes (be sure to turn off what you need to NOW!) Other things can suffer from icy conditions as well, such as locks, tree branches, and power lines. Oh – and ICE DAMS are a bitch – be sure to clean your rooftops off!
  • SAD (seasonal affective disorder). No doubt – it takes people a while to get used to the reduced amount of daylight. It usually affects folks just a few days as they adjust to the rapidly diminishing sunlight. Some individuals suffer for real, though. But no worries – as of now – it’s getting lighter by the day!
  • Discomfort and hassle. Admit it – there is more “stuff” to deal with in the winter. Long pants and long-sleeve shirts. Jackets. Bigger laundry loads. And it’s a pain in the neck to get “dressed up” to go anywhere outside. Can’t just throw a tank on and hit the road. And don’t forget the messy clean up if you have to deal with snowy boots with disgusting salty black crud on them!
  • Heavy snow. Last year we had no snow events at all (that required cleanup). Some are even saying the same will be true this year. Regardless – some winters are BRUTAL. Cleaning up after a blizzard is a lot of work. A blanket of frozen precipitation is a tough task for anyone – as well as the potential salt damage. Luckily in this area, it doesn’t last forever, and life quickly gets back to normal. Remember, each season is really only about 13 weeks long.

So is there anything GOOD about Winter in NJ?

It’s really hard to find the silver lining about Winter in the “armpit” of America – but we will try our best to be truly positive.

  • Perspective. We’ve always said this about living in a climate that has four seasons. Each one serves its purpose. In the same way, you cannot have “space” without “objects,” you cannot understand the beauty of each season, without having a polar opposite to contrast it to. It’s one of the few compelling reasons why this area is so attractive to so many people. Perhaps winter is the least exciting overall, but that doesn’t take away its merits.
  • Beauty. Something gorgeous about the scenery fresh after a major snowfall. Almost no matter where you live. Whether it’s a packed metropolis or a serene rural landscape. A thick, fresh, undisturbed layer of snow is always a sight to see. Something about how Mother Nature puts an (albeit temporary) muffle on the busy sounds of life is truly peaceful and relaxing. (Of course until the noise of cleanup commences).
  • Cozy. The feeling of being hot – and cooling off, is much different than being cold, and warming up. There is something that feels perhaps more comfortable. Again, it’s a matter of perspective – but the way people seek contentment with their immediate environs just seems cozier in the winter.
  • Bug-free Zone! We mentioned in the Fall VLOG – that we hate pesky bugs. And one of the pros of Fall, was the declining quantity of annoying pests. Well, they’re almost non-existent in the Winter, and we are very thankful for that!

There are many others – such as you can fit more propane in a tank in the winter, or less “skin” displayed by not-so-suitable candidates. Or how a hot cup of soup or coffee really hits the spot. If you try hard enough – you realize there are always uplifting ways to view life, right?

But in general – the winter is not excruciatingly long around here and is over before you know it.

Growing up here – we cannot even fathom what it is like living in a city like San Diego, for instance. Where it is pretty much 70 degrees every single day of the year. Perhaps it’s great – or maybe it’s so mundane that it affects people in a way that we cannot comprehend. Who knows.

Either way – enjoy your winter, New Jersey!

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