The Whole Foods Market of Bridgewater has never ever been crowded when we visited. And we’ve been there during all times.

It had “average” traffic right after they opened, and has been virtually empty each time we’ve been there since.

How does Whole Foods (of Bridgewater) stay in business?

Big money keeps businesses going?

Whole Foods, in case you didn’t know – is owned by Amazon. So if one location isn’t making a profit – it’s probably no big deal for them. They clean themselves up with $100 bills in the bathroom anyway.

If this location was owned by a single business owner, I’m almost certain they’d be shut down already. Isn’t that strange the way that works?

I cannot see how this location is in the black.

How does Whole Foods (of Bridgewater) stay in business?

Keeping non-profitable locations makes sense?

Amazon probably keeps this location open for the sheer pleasure of hurting other local supermarkets. And pleasing their progressive fan club of shoppers who are influenced by words like “sustainable,” “organic,” and other warm & fuzzy phrases.

There are other Whole Foods locations that are packed to the gills. So maybe they just keep it open for presence. I guess they can afford to keep “underperforming” stores – while other companies shutter stores to tighten their belts.

But to us, the store still feels way over-priced. Sure, if you have a keen eye, you can find some reasonable deals (on sale). But the store itself isn’t much different than other supermarkets out there. We certainly would never make it our “regular” place to shop. No way.

I have a feeling they’ll be around for a long time. Or until shareholders demand that they go away. Or more of their customers look at their bank statements each month.

PS – Look at the nut job that runs Whole Foods. His unhealthy habits are affecting his mental capacity. He should be ousted for insanity.

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