Sugar Stacks – Oldie but Goodie {VLOG}

Sugar Stacks – Oldie but Goodie {VLOG}

In today’s VLOG – we’re going to talk about a good place to start for those looking to improve their health.
In particular – those who might be battling with their fat content.

Before KETO and PALEO and even before the low-carb movement started gaining more momentum – there was a website called Sugar Stacks.

It was created in the late 2000s.

Very simple, really. The site just showed you the visual similarity between various packaged and fresh foods – to ACTUAL sugar cubes.

They also had a blog called Sugar Delirium, but most of that content has vanished.

This guy got a lot of slack from people. Especially those who (and still) believe that “fruit” is good sugar, and that there is a real difference between the fructose in apples, for instance, and a candy bar.

Hint: There isn’t.

So this is a good place to either bookmark or just peruse to help you build your knowledgebase of low-carb information.

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