Healthy is expensive {depending on what you choose}

In today’s VLOG we’re going to point out the dichotomy in the price for what is really “healthy” out there.

It is quite simple and easy to figure out why.

We can eat on the cheap – buying ground beef in bulk. Usually between $2 and $3 per pound! We got nearly 7 POUNDS of delicious ground beef at Wegmans the other day for around $16.

You can also have low-carb foods from your local supermarket freezer. Case in point are those “real good” chicken pizzas. But the price is insane. A frozen personal pizza is $7 for 8.5 ounces. Or a bit over $13 per pound.

To buy 7 lbs of that – is over $90!

That is the price you pay for having the “convenience” of not having to prepare your food from scratch.

$90 bucks can get you 40 POUNDS of red meat or more.

The takeaway from this is: Yes, there are “healthy” low carb options in the freezer section, but it’s ALWAYS better to do it yourself.

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