Crook & Marker Spiked & Sparkling {Seltzer Review}

Crook & Marker Spiked & Sparkling Seltzer – is the flavor worth it?

Today we review the Crook & Marker Spiked & Sparkling alcoholic seltzer.

To summarize the video above:

  • The most “flavorful” spiked seltzer on the market.
  • Uses Stevia and Erythritol for the sweet taste.
  • Only 4% alcohol – but gave us a profoundly different (happier) “buzz.” Could be their source of alcohol.
  • “Zero Sugar” they say – but the can is only 11.5 oz. What could they say if the can was 12 oz. like all the others?
  • Less than 1g net carbs (good regardless)
  • Almost too sweet – even when watered down. Is the sweet “sensation” harmful to overall low-carb, low-sugar diet? Psychological effects?
  • Expensive ounce-for-ounce compared to our favorite (Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzer). Almost 50% more.
  • Their video is marketing mumbo jumbo. But par for the course in 2019.

(Note: not included in the video above is how we felt the next day. We almost threw up after having 8 cans. Wondering if it’s excessive sweet additives? Also – we tried two 8-packs of “assorted” flavors. Tangerine and Mango were both tasty, the Coconut Pineapple flavor wasn’t as good as Smirnoff’s Pina Colada flavor – the rest were just okay – still quite sweet.)

Overall – it’s an interesting spiked seltzer – and we’re sure it will do well. We will not keep it in the rotation. Everyone’s taste is subjective. Those who incorporate extra-sweet things in their lives will be their most likely customer.

We’ll stick to Smirnoff until something better comes along.

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