Just so everyone knows – we kind of get a kick out of Harbor Freight Tools.

One because their “adverts” as British folks say – are amusing, but also because they’re profoundly less expensive for practical things than almost anywhere else.

Harbor Freight Tools of East Brunswick, NJ

Harbor Freight Tools of East Brunswick, NJ

We took a brief stop at the Harbor Freight Tools in East Brunswick, NJ (along Route 18).

The first impression is that this is a shoddy area. Bad vibes. Shuttered businesses everywhere. Weird traffic flow. Something ain’t right.

We went into this HFT to return a pack of “micro” screwdrivers that were severely damaged (not our doing).

The aura at this HFT was awful. The “help” was way below “helpful.” In fact, they were weird and UN-helpful. Something odd in the water, we surmise.

Luckily this area isn’t in our regular rounds, so we can avoid it. But it’s good to know how “locations” can differ. However, if we were in a pinch, we’d muscle through any unpleasant experiences.

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