Happy Independence Day 2018

Written by NJroute22

Happy July 4th (and Happy Independence Day) as well. We all know this holiday is a country holiday. America’s independence.

However, it might be useful to expand on this “independence” a bit – on a personal, individual level too. This goes way beyond the Route 22 scope, that is for sure.

Independent Thought. People should be free to think what they want, form their own opinions and so on. Not be forced to think one way based on the “hive mind.”

Independent Decisions (free will). You should be free to do business with people on a voluntary basis. And you should also be able to decide if you want to do things like protecting yourself (seatbelts while driving, or defending yourself by any means necessary). Same goes for whether or not you want to be dragged along to some BBQ you just don’t want to attend. Obligations kind of suck sometimes. No one likes to be forced to do anything beyond their will.

There are many more examples. But maybe something to do today besides celebrating the “independence” of the country – is to think deeper about our own collective independence. Are we really free and independent?

Enjoy your hot dogs and beer!

(Oh, by the way – here’s something to digest on this patriotic day…)

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