In today’s NJroute22.com VLOG – we’re going to start pointing out how stupid our world is becoming.

We’re going to start collecting things that provide evidence that even the most basic things in the world – need a frickin’ explanation.

We certainly do NOT need these things to be explained to us – but apparently, some (or many) people do.

Here are a few examples.

  1. Here’s a can of baby formula. Do they need to show pictures of how to open it? Any person that requires this absolutely should NOT have kids.
  2. This is a picture of my weather radio. It has a simple switch that says “Weather Radio – On – Off.” But they felt the need to put another sticker on this device that says “ensure the switch is in the ON position.” Really? Who doesn’t know the difference between ON and OFF?
  3. Another baby product. Wipes. The wipes are sealed until ready to use. This keeps them wet and moist (that’s what she said). But they had to put a warning on the seal instructing you to throw out the garbage. “Choking hazard.” No duh! Who wouldn’t throw it out? Our guess is that they got sued – and now need a disclaimer to prevent future lawsuits. Why can’t we ever make a buck like that? Well – because we wouldn’t stoop to that level.
  4. We love coconut oil. Use it after the shower every time. Here the bottle clearly says it’s 100% coconut oil. But on the bottom – they have to say: “Allergens: Contains Coconut.” Wouldn’t a person who’s allergic to coconuts know that right away when the product says COCONUT OIL on the front?

And here’s a video of a phone call we recently made. Back in the day – you used to get a “busy signal,” and knew the line WAS BUSY! Now they need to EXPLAIN what the “beep beep beep” is! What the hell? Are they next going to need explanations for things like car horns? “HONK – THIS IS A CAR NEARBY THAT IS GETTING YOUR ATTENTION FOR SOMETHING STUPID YOU ARE DOING.” Or your kitchen timer? “BEEP BEEP – THIS IS THE REMINDER YOU SET FOR SOMETHING YOU WERE DOING – PLEASE TRY AND REMEMBER WHAT THAT WAS AND CHECK IT NOW.” We wouldn’t be surprised.

Why is the world becoming so stupid?

We’ll update this series as we find more ridiculous things in our everyday lives.

See you next time!

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