Cheap Wine Review Episode 3: Shania Monastrell {The only box wine review you will need!}

Today’s Cheap Wine Reviews VLOG is about boxed wine. This will be the one and only boxed wine review we do. That is until another comes along that passes the “two bottle challenge.”

Cheap Wine Review – Box Wines are awesome – but only in moderation! (Except Shania Monsatrell!)

By two bottle challenge, we mean, if we can drink 1.5l of the wine – and not feel terrible the next day.

So far, the ONLY box wine that passes this test is the Shania Monastrell 2015 (at 14.5% alcohol). Something about it makes it superior to all other options out there. We were happy to find this at Bourbon Street Wine & Spirits for about $20 a box.

As we said in the above video – if you’re the type of casual drinker that only drinks a couple glasses with dinner – we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you choose box wine as your companion. It’s absolutely the most affordable way to enjoy moderate amounts of wine. And it stays good for up to a month! And for the lefties out there – “less waste!”

But it becomes dangerous once you venture into the double-bottle territory. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Hope our tips are helpful to you all!

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