We spotted this sign far from the NJrotue22.com coverage area – on that dreaded road called “Route 80.”

It says: “Read & Seed your Brain…”

Apparently, it’s some kind of public service announcement (PSA) that is reminding texting drivers about the importance of books.

Yes – books are frickin’ incredible!

We’ll be honest here – we struggle at times with the so-called “divide” between real life and the digital life.

While we do not spend much time “trolling” social media – we do have apparatuses in place to automatically publish our works here on about four social media networks (Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook).

And since launching the site – Instagram has been the most receptive, despite it not helping our actual web traffic much. A serious quagmire for sure.

But our best internal satisfaction comes from reading static material called books.

Read & Seed Feed Your Brain Route 78 NJ-2

Who has time to read books with all this other stuff going on?

With the myriad of social networks and other “distractions” that have (consciously) been added to the human element – it becomes harder and harder to find time to sit there and read books.

The allure of digital applications is amazing. They have such mechanisms to keep you addicted. Which is why you’ll find iPads or other tablets permanently installed in many bathrooms across America. They have you hooked.

But we’re on a mission to pretty much eliminate the “tablet” aspect of our bathrooms. It will happen in 2018. You’ll find our two iPads for sale on eBay in about a month or two. Gotta get rid of them.

Books are the best way to enrich your mind

In the past 10 years or so, we’ve become prolific book-readers. Even with the digital distractions – we miraculously found time to read over 1,000 books.

From nutrition to philosophy – and a lot more in-between. Reading books makes you that much more a better person than reading comments on a news rag about “current events.”

And finding good books – that truly enrich your life – is not easy. Especially because of the influences that outsiders try to infect you with.

We don’t have much more to say other than the above. But we’d highly recommend that everyone go back to basics.

We’ll have an awesome book review category coming up soon. As soon as we curtail our addiction to “tablet mania.” It will happen this year. Guaranteed.


Because we want to free our minds.

What have you all done to distance yourself from the manipulation of our digital world? How many can recognize the crazy marketing that is happening in our lifetime?

Godspeed, everyone. Let’s get through this digital storm together. It’s not that hard when people are on the same page.

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