EMS Eastern Mountain Sports Coupon Racket

How many exclusions can a 40% off (or 20% off or whatever) sale have? Well, in regards to one store in the NJroute22.com area – A LOT. Like most of the items they sell. This is why we say EMS Eastern Mountain Sports Coupon discounts are a racket! Borderline “bait and switch.”

Including the dozen or so “sensible rules” – there are about 87 EXCLUSIONS to their regular coupon offerings! At what point does this lunacy stop?

EMS Eastern Mountain Sports Coupons are a futile effort at saving money

Almost every single time we’ve tried using one of their coupons – we failed to make a purchase. I can remember only ONCE did we buy something successfully with their stupid coupons. And frankly – we made compromises (i.e., we settled on something we didn’t really love) in order to “use” that dumb coupon. In retrospect, that was utterly pathetic. Just for the sake of feeling like we benefitted in some way. NEVER AGAIN!

This is not saying you can’t get some things on sale from time to time. Plus, you might be able to find something decent on their “clearance” racks. But that’s a stretch. Most of the time, it’s crap.

How long can that racket continue? Perhaps they should devise a way to satisfy customers a bit more. And people wonder why online shopping is killing the brick and mortar retail stores. This is one of the many reasons.

Have a nice week ahead!

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