Cheap Wine Reviews Episode 9 – Franzia Dark Red Blend {box wine}

Welcome to the Cheap Wine Reviews Episode 9, where we talk about the Franzia Dark Red Blend box wine.

We said we’d never do another box wine review – as we thought we found the ONLY box wine that would pass the “two bottle test” (Shania Monastrell 2015).

However, we didn’t realize the PROFOUND value of the Franzia Dark Red Blend.

For one – you get FIVE LITERS of it for $17.99, which is amazing (via Bourbon Street or ShopRite Wine & Spirits). That’s SIX and two-thirds bottles! Less than $2.70 per 750ml bottle (before tax).

Plus – it’s 13.5% alcohol, so that gives it a fighting chance to pass the test.

But did it pass the test? We were a bit scared to find out. Watch the video above to see how it fared with our practical real-world test review!

PS – Note that this wine becomes dangerous if you overconsume. Anything over your “two bottle limit” and you’ll regret it.

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