Cheap Wine Reviews Ep. 16 – Apothic Inferno 2016

Welcome to the Cheap Wine Reviews Episode 16, where we talk about the Apothic Inferno 2016 Red Blend – which comes in at a staggering 15.9% alcohol!

We accidentally picked up this wine at ShopRite Wines & Spirits in Clinton, NJ because we thought it was on sale for under $10. Well, it included all Apothic brand wines, except this one (which was closer to $16 per bottle). We bought it anyway. (FYI Total Wine has this for under $13 a bottle).

The most unique tasting wine we’ve had in a while, and it packs a punch. But is it worth the extra money? To some, maybe.

We didn’t perform our trademark “two bottle test” to see how we feel the next day. It was too potent to risk. But we felt fairly okay, thanks to proper hydration. We may try this wine some time again in the future (and especially if it’s on sale for significant savings).

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